700 Hour Massage Therapy Diploma Program

Anatomy & Physiology                                                


Professional Ethics                                                      

Cayce/Reilly® Massage & Wellness                   

Massage Research                                               


Chair Massage                                                      

Nutrition, Health & Wellness                                      

Intro to Asian Theory                                               

Advanced Clinical Massage                              

Anatomy & Physiology II                                      

Applied Pathology                                                         


Business Development                                             

Clinical II                                                                    

Healer’s Path                                                              


Jin Shin Do®    

MBLEx Review 


75 hours

20 hours

15 hours

152 hours

10 hours

28 hours

20 hours

15 hours

15 hours

68 hours

75 hours

42 hours

35 hours

20 hours

40 hours

10 hours

20 hours

16 hours

4 hours

20 hours                             

Full-Time Program 


The program is divided into two semesters of approximately 350 hours each. Each semester is a little more than four months, or eight months total for completion. Students enrolled in the full-time program attend school Monday-Friday approximately 25-30 hours per week. All classes are measured in clock hours; a clock hour is defined as a  sixty-minute block of time consisting of a minimum of 50 minutes of instruction with appropriate breaks.


Part-Time and Evening Studies Program


Students enrolled in the part-time program attend an average of 12-16 hours per week. Students may attend on a part-time basis during the weekday hours and we also have an Evening Studies Program developed for those individuals who want to attend school but are unable to do so during the daytime hours. All courses required for the 700-hour diploma program are offered in the Evening Studies Program on an annual basis. The Evening Program starts in February of each year only and students complete the entire 700-hour diploma program within 14 months.


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