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The Cayce/Reilly School staff continually strive to offer students from every background and life experience the best educational program possible. We work diligently to create a warm, nurturing and professional learning environment and to provide exceptional customer service to all of our students, clients and community members. Being of service is our guiding principle and our work centers around supporting all aspects of the School operations. From admission to graduation, we are committed to each and every student and being a part of his or her personal and professional development. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Jessica Zoby
Senior School Administrator


Jessica has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and is currently completing her Master in Social Work degree at VCU. As a 2014 graduate of the Cayce/Reilly School of Massage, Jessica has been a therapist at the A.R.E. Health Center and Spa offering massage, reflexology, and Cayce therapies. She is a colon hydrotherapist as well as a Reiki Master. Jessica is committed to the mission and philosophy of the school and serves as Senior School Administrator. Jessica observes an open door policy and encourages students to stop in to discuss their journey and progress along the way.


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Theresa Sparks, LMT
Admissions Coordinator


A graduate of the Cayce/Reilly school of Massage, Theresa currently serves as the Admissions Coordinator, managing all of the enrollment requirements and responsibilities of admissions. She is also a practicing Inner Sound Practitioner offering Sound Therapy in the A.R.E. Spa. With nearly 25 years of healing experience in bodywork, and energy work, as a Reiki Master and Healing Touch Practitioner.


stacy orr cayce reilly

Stacy Orr
Financial Aid Administrator & Student Services Coordinator

Stacy has a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and over 13 years experience as a Financial Aid administrator. In addition, she has 8 years experience with VA education benefits and veteran servicesStacy strives to make the financial aid process as seamless and stress free as possible for students and providing them resources and information on financial aid options that are available to them.





Our faculty bring their diverse backgrounds together for one goal - to give you the best massage education possible! Our instructors are subject-matter experts and many have earned advanced degrees including an MD, DC and Master's degrees in business administration and psychology. We are here to create a learning environment that is challenging, inspiring, creative and supportive - to help you grow and learn the skills you need to succeed in your new career.



J.P. Amonte, DC, BS, LMT, CHt
Cayce/Reilly Massage, lntegrative Massage, Massage Research

Jennifer Arnold, LMT

Christa BellaRose, LMT

Renee Branch, LMT
Student Clinic, Healer's Path, Reflexology, Cayce/Reilly Massage

Brigitte Bryant Gottlieb, LMT

Michelle Chillura, LMT
Hydrotherapy, Student Clinic

Katherine Jonak, LMT
A&P I&II, Pathology

Jennet Kayla, DC, BS,
Nutrition, Pathology, A&P l, A&P ll, Professional Ethics, Kinesiology, MBLEX Review

Patty Kypros, LMT
Healer's Path, Body, Mind, Spirit

Amanda Seidel, LMT
Student Clinic, Advanced Clinical Massage, Professional Ethics

Jessica Zoby, LMT
Student Clinic, Reflexology, Chair Massage